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Welcome to St. Mark’s Religious Education…we have made a few changes.  Please direct any questions or comments you have to our CRE Donna Wolcott at 860-543-2607.


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Confirmation Preparatory Classes

  Here are the forms that Confirmation Students need as they prepare for Confirmation:

Name and Sponsor Form

Service Form

Sample Saint Essay

Sample Confirmation Community Service Essay

Request for Confirmation Letter



RCIA/Children's Catechumenate

 The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) and Children's Catechumenate is the process for initiation into the Catholic Church for those people who have not been baptized, have been baptized in a different Christian tradition, or who have baptized Catholic and have not received the sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation. 

 If a person would like to complete the initiation process, he or she is welcome to join us for the journey. Please contact our Department of Religious Education at 860-236-3545 about the Period of Inquiry.