St. Mark's Religious Education

St. Mark the Evangelist has embraced the Generations of Faith model of religious education. All members of the parish family are invited and welcomed to monthly festivals of learning. Dinner is served to our guests while discussion, centered on the theme, is   encouraged. Through the creative arts such as music, drama and storytelling, the theme is further developed.

This Year's theme is Season of Prayer

Prayer can change your life anytime, anywhere, at any age.  It can heal you and renew your mind and body.  It can calm the storms of daily living from the great tempests of fear and sorrow that threaten to overwhelm- to the day by day squalls in human relationships that constantly rock our boat until we view a world distorted by a seasick haze.  The measure of the help you can get through prayer is limited only by the size of the cup you hold up to be filled.

If you are praying and experiencing no corresponding uplift in your joy, peace, appreciation of life, you are “praying amiss.”  Remember that the Master’s own students never once asked Him how to perform miracles, how to multiply loaves and fishes, find gold in a fish’s mouth, raise the dead, convenient as this knowledge would have been.  Instead they made one request:  “Teach us to pray.”

St. Mark the Evangelist

First Reconciliation and First Communion:
First Reconciliation and First Communion classes will be offered for students who are entering third grade. This is a transition year for St. Mark. It is felt that children with a more mature level of understanding will be easier to prepare to celebrate these sacraments. 
 Please call the St. Mark religious education office at 860-236-3545 to enroll in the third grade sacrament program.



Our teens meet for traditional classes to prepare for Confirmation, which is a two-year program beginning in the ninth grade. Classes are held one Sunday evening a month from 6:30-8:00 pm in the parish center. 

RCIA/Children's Catechumenate

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) and Children's Catechumenate is the process for initiation into the Catholic Church for those people who have not been baptized, have been baptized in a different Christian tradition, or who have baptized Catholic and have not received the sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation. 

If a person would like to complete the initiation process, he or she is welcome to join us for the journey. Please contact our Department of Religious Education at 860-236-3545 about the Period of Inquiry.

Sunday Children's Liturgy

During 10:30 am Mass, our youngest children are called to participate in age appropriate reflection on the week's readings. The priest will invite the children to go with one of our experienced teachers while the rest of the parish community listens to the readings and homily. The children return and process in during the offertory. Parents are always welcome to accompany their children downstairs.

Click here for the current Sunday children's liturgists schedule.