Prayer Line

Here at St. Gianna Parish, we have a Prayer Ministry that was formed over 30 years ago within St. Brigid, St. Helena, and St. Mark the Evangelist to pray for the concerns and needs of our parishioners.

This ministry takes the form of a prayer network or Prayer Line using the telephone to pass on the request of anyone who calls us for prayer, and also to pray with one another for those petitions as we pass them on. We, then, continue personal prayers each in our own way. 

Occasionally we may meet in a group, but primarily this is a personal ministry of compassion, prayer, and trust in God, yet united in purpose and love. 

We welcome anyone who wishes to join us. For prayer request please contact St. Brigid Rectory at 860-236-5965.


Much Prayer, Much Power! Little Prayer, 
Little Power! No Prayer, No Power! 
~ Anonymous